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New Painting – New Direction

After struggling internally on weather I should continue to do local shows. The problem I was facing was  developing quality work. I would rush to produce work just to be in the show. A lof of these old pieces I am destroying/painting over. I realized that I didn’t like the piece and they would be better served for creating new pieces. Here is one of the  new peices that I just finished and I am extremely happy with, hope you enjoy.

"The Triumph of King Arthur" 48" x 48"


More Paintings
November 13, 2008, 1:54 am
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Here are a few more that have been done during the past year. One of my favorites is the GEO THERMAL, I was inspired by the National Geo Graphic Sat images of the rain forest, they had them in a 3D view showing the terra forms. Hope you enjoy

Geo Thermal Observation

Geo Thermal Observation

Sorry about the Copyright on the artwork
November 12, 2008, 11:54 pm
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Sorry for the big ©RLF on the art work. I was a victim of art theft a while back. A group of art pirates from China had gone to my website and stole several images and posted them on etsy.com & Ebay. I received an email from etsy.com saying they had closed the account and were trying to track down the parties responsible. The lady at etsy.com told me that they probably took images from my site and had artsits reproduce my work (Rip off paintings of my work), then they would digitally capture the art and offer giclee prints at reduced prices. Apparently etsy.com has software that is like facial recon and will search the internet for images that match the submissions they get, that is how they found my pirated work on their site and they were kind enough to contact Ebay about the work being stolen and forged. I am working on a certificate of authenticity… more to come..

New Paintings

Here are a few new paintings that have been created during the past 6 months. Most of the are still available, if you are interested in one please contact me – EMAIL ME

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More Fish

Here are a few more fish from my digital fish series. Most of these can be seen at the Florida Aquarium. There is an ongoing exhibit highlighting local artists from the Tampa area. I have a few of my originals there and some digital pigment of archival paper. Interested in prints please contact me – EMAIL ME

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Tropical Fish
November 9, 2008, 10:58 pm
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I have always loved FISH, they are colorful, graceful they come in every size, shape and color. Fish are one of the non abstract subject matters that I really enjoy creating with traditional methods (oil & acrylic – water color and Digital). Some of my biggest selling pieces  have been my digital Koi. Here are few of my Fish, more can be viewed on my web site by clicking here.

Tropical Fish - Oil on canvas

Tropical Fish - Oil on canvas

Koi Garden Pink

Painting in progress – King Arthur’s Succession
November 9, 2008, 9:48 pm
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Rarely do I share insight to my work before its complete, I will if I have studio visits or buyers who have commisioned a piece and want to see it as it progresses. This painting was started in spring of 2006 and has set in a quasi finished state waiting for completion. Lastnight the vision came for its completion. Here is a glimpse of the “King Arthur’s Succession” – soon to be completed. This is a partial view.

King Arthurs Succession

King Arthurs Succession