RLF – The Artist – Abstract American Painter

New Painting – New Direction

After struggling internally on weather I should continue to do local shows. The problem I was facing was  developing quality work. I would rush to produce work just to be in the show. A lof of these old pieces I am destroying/painting over. I realized that I didn’t like the piece and they would be better served for creating new pieces. Here is one of the  new peices that I just finished and I am extremely happy with, hope you enjoy.

"The Triumph of King Arthur" 48" x 48"


More Fish

Here are a few more fish from my digital fish series. Most of these can be seen at the Florida Aquarium. There is an ongoing exhibit highlighting local artists from the Tampa area. I have a few of my originals there and some digital pigment of archival paper. Interested in prints please contact me – EMAIL ME

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Paintings from Fall/Winter 2007/08

With the Fall comes creative inspiration. The long summer days surpress the creative river that flows underneath always waiting to be unleashed. Then that first cold front that comes in unleashes the creative river. Here are a few paintings from my recent latenight painting sessions.

Abstract Oil Painting by RLF

Abstract Oil Painting by RLF